A Little Bit About Me


I, Shawn Raymond am a 25 year old CSEP -CPT, level 1; kickboxing, yoga, mindfullness, cycling, Bootcamp Trainer. I have spent the last 5 years of my career building my knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to help you reach your goals! 

I have dedicated my self to successfully helping more then 250 different clients regardless of there body size - Petite/Plus, body Height - tall/short, Lifestyle - sedentary/active Reach there goals. I am here to tell you that you can and I will help you get to where you know you want to be. 

When you train with me you can expect to receive not only one hell of a kick ass workout that will be completely dedicated to you and your goals, but you can also expect to be able to connect and trust me and the process to build maintainable life long healthy habits, rituals, and Confidence. 

I have built my business over these last 5 years to be able to say this with confidence... "I will be your best-friend and your worst friend." I say it like this because I will hold you 100% accountable to your goals. whether that be; gaining stability, strength or Balance. Maybe your goals are to loose body fat, decrease your health risks or improve the way you see yourself in the mirror. Whatever you hearts desire We will build rapport that supports; Trust Success and Happiness.


I hope that you landing on my website was a sign that it is time to take action and Seize the day... 

Welcome to Shawnrtraining 

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