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My name is Shawn Raymond 

I am a 27 year old trainer and wellness coach. 

 I have my, ​CSEP -CPT as well as:

  • Level 1 kickboxing

  • NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist 

  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition science from the Steiner Academy in UK. 

  • Yoga - level 1 

  • Mindfulness - level 1 

  • Cycling - level 1 and 2 

  • Bootcamp Trainer ​

have spent the last 6 years of my career building my knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to help you reach your goals! 

I have dedicated myself to successfully helping more than 500 different clients achieve their goals regardless of their size and lifestyle - Petite/Plus, - Tall/Short, Sedentary/Active.

 I am here to tell you that you can and I will help you get to where you know you want to be.

What to expect when training with me.

  • Kick ass workout

  • Dedication to your needs

  • Accountability

  • Trust 

  • Confidence

I have built my business over these last 8 years to be able to say this with confidence...

"I will be your best-friend and your worst friend." I say it like this because I will hold you 100% accountable to your goals. Whether that be gaining stability, strength or balance. Maybe your goals are to lose body fat, decrease your health risks or improve the way you see yourself in the mirror., whatever your heart desires,

We will build rapport that supports, Trust, Success and Happiness.

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Richelle Peters 




Well, let's start off with, my name is Richelle Peters. I'm a wife been married for 10 years to the love of my life. We have two young boys and two german shepherds.  

Throughout my childhood, I play many sports from dance, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, hockey & track. As I got older and my husband and I were ready to start a family, I knew I needed to change my habits and lead by example for my children. At this same time, my husband and I both changed careers. I believe life pushed us in that direction and planned for what was to come. Five years later, we had our second son, and at 10 months, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I knew the day he was diagnosed what I was meant to do: help people. A year later, I enrolled in the PFTR program. I have a strong background in type 1 diabetes and emergency protocol, and I would make a great asset to your diabetes team to help you reach your goals, have better A1C, and feel safe being physically active.
I am also an artist. I could paint and draw at age five, and I completed my trick dog instructor and groomer certification at 20. I plan to extend my animal certification to canine fitness and nutrition diplomas because who doesn’t love working out with their furry friend but keeping your best friend safe and healthy? I love hiking in the mountains. I am an avid animal lover. I love camping, fishing, biking, and anything outside, and that is an adventure with my family or friends I am game.
I’m a competitive OCR (obstacle course racing) racer. I started five years ago and have been addicted ever since. I have completed over 29 different races and made the podium twice. The feeling you get after completing a race is nothing I have ever felt before in my life. I hope to bottle that up and give that to my clients; that feeling is something everyone should experience

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David Tuff




David Tuff is a Canfitpro certified personal fitness coach. He has had the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals over 5 years of experience as a trainer and leader at 9Round, and at Leduc Martial Arts Academy. David was able to guide members through kickboxing, HIIT, Muay Thai, and boxing routines. He worked with members of all ages, from adult to youth, and is well versed in both group and one on one settings. 


David is a firm believer in ‘training by example’, and will often challenge his members to reach their best fitness level by engaging in friendly competitions with them. One of his favourite challenges is the wall sit, and he has a fond memory of sharing in the excitement when his member finally beat him (resulting in David having to do 50 burpees!). 


David values safe and quality fitness, and is sure to only guide his members through exercises that he has personally tested. He is dedicated to supporting the achievement of all fitness goals, whether they are creating a healthier lifestyle, building strength, or learning a new skill, through accountability, trust, and fun! 


David is a loving father and devoted husband. He grew up in Leduc, AB, and participated in many various activities and sports - including football, volleyball, and Lacrosse (to name just a few). As an adult, David has trained in Muay Thai, winning gold in his division at a tournament, and had the opportunity to train two national title winning fighters. He is an avid runner and has completed a half marathon, a tri-it triathlon, and ran legs in both the Sinister Seven, and Canadian Death Race. 


David is a fan of pop culture, and enjoys attending comic conventions throughout Canada. He has fostered a talent as a freelance comic book artist since 2010, and continues to sell his art today! 


David has had the privilege of passing the positive benefits of fitness on to his two beautiful daughters, Lillian and Calla, and to his wife Nichole. He has been a welcome health and nutrition coach at home, finding new and exciting ways to eat better and get active! He has learned to manage both personal and professional stress, building resilience and balance into his lifestyle. David’s youngest daughter, Calla, was born with a rare congenital heart defect, and he has devoted time to giving back to the Stollery for their support and care, by organising and running a yearly fundraiser - Art for Heart - since 2017, raising over $47,500! 


David’s wealth of experience and knowledge is a testament to the patience and care that he brings to fostering mental and physical health and fitness. His mission statement is to guide others to achieve their healthiest selves, and reach their fitness goals, by getting you moving one step at a time!

David Tuff - Certified Personal Trainer
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Sophie Johnson

My name is Sophie and I am currently in my last semester at NAIT to become a CSEP-certified personal trainer. I was very active in sports growing up, playing both hockey and fastball competitively as well as spending some time cross-country running & volleyball. I am the second of four kids in my family so I always had someone to play catch or hit the ball with. I've been on my health & wellness journey for four years now and cannot wait to share my passion with others. My goal is to be able to help young athletes realize their full potential in their sports and show them how much of an impact fitness can have on their lives outside of sports. 


Hello Folks! 

Welcome to the team page! 

My name is Cersten Lyons, and I am SRT’s main Office Administrator. I generate, send off the invoices, email follow ups, billing, social media, and anything in between! 

I was a former, A Softball Pitcher in Calgary. I played for Calgary Extreme, Calgary Adrenaline, Team Alberta, and I represented Zone Two at Summer games in 2010. 

I Graduated in 2018 with a Diploma in Integrated Nutrition from Hope College in Drumheller, AB. 

In 2018 I became a Certified Nursing Aide through Reddeer Polytechnic College. I stayed employed in that Career for 5 years, in Long Term Care, Assisted Living and at home care. 

In 2020 my Husband and I started our own Renovations company. We have been growing every year since we started. It has grown our Marriage, Income, mentality, and personal Grit working together. It was the best choice we every made to start our own company. Since then I stepped away from Nursing, and grown more into that Bookkeeping, Office Administration Role. 

After 10 years of struggling with chronic pain after a total hip replacement in 2014 and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I was struggling and seeking for any and all natural help to learn how to heal my broken body. After 5 years of not being in the softball community, I started to Coach u15-17 Softball in Leduc for the Jets. I was introduced to Shawn and Richelle, who where the girls personal trainers for the winter. 

It’s been fait ever since. Shawn along side with my Naturopath have helped my body in more ways than any western medicine doctor I know. After learning all the training techniques from Shane and understanding all the different ways to heal my body, I was hooked. I knew him and Richelle where the missing piece I needed.  Naturally we figured out a way to be more that just client and trainer. The rest is history. 

Hope you enjoy the environment with SRT and MissFit Academy. You will not be disappointed. 

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Hello you beautiful soul! My name is Kayla, I am 27 years old and I am a level two reiki practitioner. Working towards getting my masters within this year!

Reiki came into my life at a time that I needed it most, I had just left a long term relationship that had been toxic to my well being, and I knew I needed that change. Something was calling me, making it known that there was so much more out there that this crazy but beautiful universe has to offer. So I followed that calling, I followed that “thing” that made me question my surroundings. All because I had this feeling that my life was about to change, and man did it ever.  The absolute happiness that came with the self acceptance, self love, and self awareness, has been out of this world. I finally believe in myself, I finally feel like I can be ME. And that is something I will forever work towards for everyone to feel and experience.

I grew up in Millet,AB until grade 5, and then from there on out, I’ve been in Leduc AB. I am a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend, and most importantly, a mom; to the best human that has ever came into my world. They always say that kids change your life for the better, but what I can personally say, is that mine saved mine. 

Thank you for allowing reiki into your life, even if it is just clicking on the link to read what I have said. Reiki calls to you, when you need it most. I cannot wait to talk to you, and be with you along your journey to finding all that this universe has to offer you. 

Sending you everlasting love, 

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