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Health for your whole self

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Hi, hello and welcome...

You've found SRTraining.

Settle in, but get ready to move.


I'm Shawn Raymond,

I want to start off by saying thank you for coming to my website and it's SO nice to meet you.

I am a local trainer and health and wellness coach here in Leduc but that's not all.


I am an incredibly passionate CSEP -CPT Trainer with a plethora of Certificates to help you reach your goal(s) in the best modality possible.


I put my heart, sweat and tears into these workouts ,and nutritional guidance but most importantly  leading you into a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Most of all, I am passionate about you and your journey to achieve your goals.


Together, SRTraining will get the results that you want.

Whether that be weight, muscle mass, or just overall confidence, I can help get you to achieving your end result .

 With a program including nutritional guidance targeted exercises, passion for well-being and a whole lot of expertise and experience.  I will help you become your healthiest, happiest most wholesome self.

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