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I'm Shawn Raymond,

I want to start off by saying thank you for coming to my website and it's SO nice to meet you.

I am a local trainer and health and wellness coach here in Leduc but that's not all.

I am an incredibly passionate CSEP -CPT Trainer with a plethora of Certificates to help you reach your goal(s) in the best modality possible.


I put my heart, sweat and tears into these workouts ,and nutritional guidance but most importantly  leading you into a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Most of all, I am passionate about you and your journey to achieve your goals.

Together, Shawnrtraining will get the results that you want.

Whether that be weight, muscle mass, or just overall confidence, I can help get you to achieving your end result .

 With a program including nutritional guidance targeted exercises, passion for well-being and a whole lot of expertise and experience.  I will help you become your healthiest, happiest most wholesome self.

I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure of working with such an incredibly great trainer! One thing that makes Shawn really stand out is the fact that he is constantly checking in on his clients & encouraging you to get back on track Shawn is an amazing trainer that seriously cares about his clients. I’m so ecstatic that I found such a fantastic trainer getting to worth with, he has been nothing short of amazing! I highly recommend Shawn especially for people that have never really worked out before. I promise this guy will guide you down the right path to success!

Jane Doe