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Jane Doe

I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure of working with such an incredibly great trainer! One thing that makes Shawn really stand out is the fact that he is constantly checking in on his clients & encouraging you to get back on track Shawn is an amazing trainer that seriously cares about his clients. I’m so ecstatic that I found such a fantastic trainer getting to worth with, he has been nothing short of amazing! I highly recommend Shawn especially for people that have never really worked out before. I promise this guy will guide you down the right path to success!

John G 

Shawn is an amazing trainer. He is very knowledgeable about a range of exercises and the muscles that they target. Shawn does a good job of knowing what your limit is, when to push you, and when to stop. His attitude towards helping others is positive. I would highly recommend training with him whether you are just starting out or looking to change up your routine.

Alex T 

So I sat down with my friend today little did I know he would figure out a workout plan for myself.

His wealth of knowledge in personal training is incredible!

 I have bad posture and a weak back as a result of an accident 10 years ago as well as recent pregnancy and becoming a mom. Shawn worked on a plan to increase strength in my back as well as incorporating other body part exercises to work up to a desired back strength. He came up with exercises for my arms which I seriously need to tone as well as perfecting the way I train legs, and much more. Every small thing about me was taken into account and it was customized just for me! He came up with new exercises for me as well as making sure I did them all properly. I’m super excited to try this new plan out tomorrow! It’s going to really change things for me at the gym! If anyone is looking for a personal trainer.


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