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SRT - Plans and Packages

In Our Plans And Services Section you will find Our Options for:

- Individual Pricing (1  - 1 One to One Training) 

- Partnered Pricing (1  - 2 Training) 

- Group Pricing (3+ to a max of 6 Training) 

Here at SRTraining We wanted to find a Way to help bridge the gap between 1-1 training and Health and wellness. Some of the easiest ways to do that is to provide options. So for those of your that may not have the ability to do 1-1 training whether that be time restraints, Monetary or your own bandwidth maybe Partnered training or group training With your (friends, family and co workers could make the idea of training easier to swallow. 
We at SRTraining know that taking the 1st step can be the hardest, scariest, most challenging part to the whole journey but we are here to have the "hard, scary, most challenging conversations" in a space and place that allows you to heard, understood and in many cases valued. 


If training for what ever reason is out of reach for yourself or for those around you, I would like to Kindly Ask that you send a email or fill out our contact form and provide some understanding/perspective as to how/why training with SRTraining is out of reach.  Here is our reasoning for this.... one of the things my momma taught me is "if you can't or won't ask for help, you wont get it. But if you could or did ask someone how to help, the chances of you getting the help you need, are greater than assuming "NO."  


Its not always easy trying to do better but it is worth it. <3 

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