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Lifestyle Foundations

Build and manage the lifestyle that you desire with confidence and ease.


Presented by:
Shawn Raymond & SRTraining 

NAIT-PFT Trainer, CSEP-CPT Certified

What are our clients saying?

He has helped me realize what can be achieved through better decision making and lifestyle changes; a valuable influence on me and my husband. My journey continues and with Shawn’s support, I know I will get where I need to be.


Just imagine...

> Bettering not only your health and nutrition, but your lifestyle as a whole. Absolutely no more up and downs with your health since you have a solid plan.


> Never dealing with imposter syndrome again. You wake up with confidence ready to SLAY the day, 


> Having an actionable plan that is easy to follow, leaves room for life, and allows you to live your life YOUR way.


What's Included

A 6 Week Course where you will...
  1. Gain a better understanding of your lifestyle when it comes to fitness, health, and overall wellness.

  2. Create and implement a wellness, health, and fitness regime that you can actually stick to.

  3. Develop the skills to build your lifestyle your own way, and adjust as your day to day life changes.

The nitty gritty...
  1. 10 quick and easy to digest modules - get it done quick and get to implementing. 

  2. A workbook that will allow you to implement the skills you learn with ease. 

  3. A supportive Facebook community where you can get all your questions answered.

Hey, I'm Shawn

Fitness freak, food enthusiast, loving, bubbly, HAPPY, curly haired, travel bitten guy living in Leduc, Alberta. I am a NAIT-PFT Trainer and CSEP-CPT Certified, plus have numerous other training certifications including kick boxing, cycling, and more. 


I have spent the last 5 years of my career building my knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to help you reach your goals! I have dedicated myself to successfully helping more than 400 different clients achieve their goals regardless of their size and lifestyle - Petite/Plus, Tall/Short, Sedentary/Active, and everything in between.


I am here to tell you that you can and I will help you get to where you know you want to be.

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More Happy Clients

Shawn offers authentic results, with a orientated and caring approach when assisting anyone of achieving their fitness goals. His contagious energy and uplifting spirit leaves a lasting impression long after you left the gym.
-Heather H

The Breakdown

Looking for the specific details? I've got you!


In this Module Learn what your definition of a Lifestyle is and what it means to be healthy for YOU!


This week is learning what it means to have or include wellness in your life. Once you know what your balance of activity, nourishment/food, and peace is, you will be able to define your version of Wellness. 

Implementation 1

In the first implementation week I want you to walk away knowing who you are and the things that you could and will put into play to make you 1% better towards ultimately living your best life…. BOO BOOO ;)


This week is for your BODY <3 I want you to understand how strong you are, even if you don't know what your capable of yet. I'm going to help you understand what you can and shouldn't do to help you become (and feel) stronger.


I want to teach you what it means to nourish YOUR body. What do your best food practices look like? If you could have your dream meal everyday with no obstacles, that's what I want to work towards with you.

Implementation 2

Let's bring it all together! This week is about tying your Nutrition, Activity, Wellness, and Lifestyle into one beautiful bow. Once you have this bow you can wear it and be proud of it because you will be on show! Feel good, look good and feel damn FINE while doing it. 

LifeStyle Foundations course 

$229.00 + GST 

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